Our Schools & Academies

history logoFounded in 1969 by Sir Roger Fry, King’s College schools formed the foundation stone of King’s Group. To date, we now run 10 British schools across Europe and Central America, teaching over 5000 children.

As a Group we are also proud to now operate a successful Academies network, which was launched in February 2014 when the Department for Education in London approved King’s Group to sponsor Academies and Free Schools in England. Subsequently, we established King’s Group Academies, a ‘multi-academy trust’ with a vision and passion for providing opportunities and success on a global stage for all our students.

We are experts in education, having spent nearly 50 years delivering the English National Curriculum to children across the globe, many of whom do not speak English as their first language. All teachers in King’s Group schools have been trained in the UK, in fact our people are our strength, which is the essence of our success.

All schools that form part of King’s Group are regularly inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) which is, in turn, monitored by Ofsted.

King’s College Madrid, was a founding member of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS), which is a well respected educational group at the forefront of British education internationally.


Our Business Units

In the year 2000, we opened King’s College International a company dedicated to the development of young learners offering an entertaining and effective way to improve language skills while participating in one of our courses abroad and summer camps.


More than an educational institution for children though, in 1982 King’s Group formed a new arm of the organisation; King’s Training, which educates young adults and business professionals.  Today the company operates not only in Europe, but now has a reach as far as Central America, thanks to King’s Training Panama which was born in 2012.


In addition to the educational arm of our organisation, the Group also operate a catering arm; Nexalia Services, which has more than 20 years’ experience. Our philosophy at Nexalia Services is based on creativity, tradition and close collaboration with all the professional staff involved in our processes. Our team of specialists go to the customer, bringing with them everything that is necessary to create the perfect event catering experience.



_APT8975“King’s Group has a long and distinguished history of educational leadership. British schools from as far away as Asia and Latin America look to King’s for inspiration and admire our expertise in all areas of education. Leadership is one of our real strengths. Our vision and mission are not ‘beautiful dreams’ but a very significant and positive reality that we can all build upon.”

Sir Roger Fry, Founder and Chairman of King’s Group.