King’s College students widely exceed UK national average in A level results with 41.3% A* – A grades

20th June 2016

While the UK national average indicators for top grades have dropped this year to 25.9% (according to the latest data released), the students from King’s Group schools, based in Worcestershire, UK and also the Spanish cities of Madrid, Alicante and Murcia, have risen well above the UK National average.

King’s College students internationally have widely exceeded UK national averages in their A Level results with 41.3% achieving A*-A grades. These outstanding results, far exceed the 25.9% UK national average, and put King’s College, once again, at the top of the British International Schools market globally.

“These results are all the more remarkable when you consider that many of our students are not native English speakers and they are competing directly against their contemporaries in the UK”, comments Andrew Rattue, Headmaster of King’s College, Madrid.

A remarkable 47.1% of the pupils from Madrid have achieved A*-A grades, while in King’s College Alicante this percentage has risen to an outstanding 59.8%. The average pass rate of all of King’s College schools has reached 97.9%, and has been particularly high in Alicante, where 99.2% of all exams taken were awarded a pass grade.

Derek Laidlaw, Headteacher of King’s College Alicante added “We are once again delighted by the academic results this year.  They are well deserved and demonstrate a culmination of hard work and a relentless pursuit of excellence at our school.  The support network at KCA is of paramount importance to constructing a solid learning foundation for our pupils, and this isn’t something that happens by accident; it is thanks to our parents, families, pupils and staff across the school who should all share in the credit of these excellent results.”

In the case of King’s College Saint Michael’s, the Group’s boarding school in the UK where students come from a varied range of countries such as Brazil, China, Russia, Thailand, Mexico or Guinea, the results have also been outstanding. Especially impressive have been the performance of Chinese student Winnie Wang, who has achieved a total of three A*, an A and a B.

“Our students from King’s College Saint Michael’s come from all over the world and have to face huge challenges. Not only do they have to study hard for their A levels, but they also have to get used to studying in a new language and under a different methodology, and of course, at the same time, they have to adapt to a new country” adds Stuart Higgins, Principal of Saint Michael’s.

The notable grades obtained by King’s College students will allow them to access some of the top universities in the world, such as University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, King’s College University and Gerogetown. This achievement is especially outstanding in the case of the Spanish students, for whom in general it is highly complicated to achieve admission to these kinds of prestigious institutions – mainly due to the fact that the Spanish educational system and its university access exams are not recognised internationally.

In recent years, 30 pupils from King’s College have gone to study at six of the top ten universities in the world (QS Ranking 2014) and at least 44% of the students study in a Russell Group university.

“Our schools are fortunate to have students who are so very highly motivated and ambitious. They all expect to enter top universities and qualify for highly sought after careers. Our job is to ensure these ambitions are fulfilled” adds Sir Roger Fry, founder and Chairman of King’s Group.