King’s Group to sponsor Academies and free schools in the United Kingdom

20th June 2016

In February 2014, King’s Group were granted permission from the Department for Education in London to sponsor Academies and Free Schools in England.

As a result, the Group has established “King’s Group Academies” a ‘multi academy trust’ with a vision and passion for providing opportunities and success on a global stage for all our students. In addition to the current network of private British international schools, the Group is now able to launch and manage government-funded schools in the United Kingdom.

Sir Roger Fry, founder of King’s Group, said “This agreement demonstrates the high level of trust that the UK government has in King’s Group, and is a testament to the outstanding work already being done in the seven existing King’s Group Schools.”


What is a free school in the UK?

Free schools in the UK are independent, state-funded schools which operate outside of local authority control. They are often set up by groups of parents, charities and voluntary groups and are managed as not-for-profit academies. They receive government funding under the Free Schools Programme and are run by an independent board of governors.

Free schools have the freedom to choose their curriculum, ethos and specialism. For example, this flexibility allows schools to dedicate more hours to language teaching than is normally offered at schools.

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