Our rigorous recruitment processes, coupled with our ongoing staff support and development programmes, ensure that we attract and retain the very best employees.

King’s Group are committed to the Continued Professional Development (CPD) of our staff, in order to ensure that they remain at the leading edge of their professions.  This CPD forms one of the key pillars of our Vision “to be at the forefront of British education internationally”.  We recognise that people are at the core of everything we do, from the senior and middle leadership teams, the teachers in our classrooms, through to the administrative staff, we place an importance of every colleague’s CPD.

If you would like to learn more about the Training and Development on offer though King’s Group and at our schools, please contact:

Martyn Wiggett

Training & Development Manager

King’s Group


We place a great importance on the recruitment process and ongoing CPD that we offer to all our employees. Because we understand that happy, motivated and engaged employees work hard, look forward to developing their careers with us and can secure the best results for our students and customers.

Roberto Martín,

Chief Resources Officer,

King’s Group