A Vision for the future

A mission to continuously drive innovation.

A Vision for the future

A mission to continuously drive innovation.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision and Mission statements while the core focus is on excellence in education, these values of “excellence” transcend into the other areas of our Group: Excellence in Catering, Excellence in Training Services. Our overarching message is of international excellence partnered with a quality British education.

“Our Vision is to be at the forefront of British Education Internationally”

Our mission is to provide high quality British education that delivers a transformative learning experience to all our pupils.

Engaging and effective teaching based on our core values and the best, most up-to-date UK educational practice enables children at our schools to achieve their academic ambitions and lifetime careers. At the same time we nurture their individual talents and emphasise the importance of educating the whole child with attention to their physical, emotional and social development.

We are determined to make a positive difference to the future of our pupils and their families, the careers of our staff, as well as contributing to the wider community.

High level strategic aims

Working towards our vision depends on defining a set of realistic and easily achieveable objectives. These five aims are important checkpoints that everyone should consider when important decisions have to be made.

  • To provide a learning environment that educates and develops the independent learning skills and attitudes that build self-confidence and encourage creativity..
  • To achieve consistently outstanding educational results for all our pupils, benchmarking ourselves against the best schools in the world.
  • To ensure that our pupils reach the highest levels of fluency and confidence in their use of the English language.
  • To prepare and equip pupils for employment and the demands of the future in a rapidly changing, dynamic and diverse global environment.
  • To promote and sustain a safe, caring, but challenging culture inside and outside the classroom.

Key strategies

We will achieve our goals by:

  • Delivering a British curriculum which is supported by evidence-based research and best-practice at the most successful independent schools in the UK and abroad.
  • Encouraging pupils to lead healthy lifestyles through diet, exercise and sport.
  • Educating our students to be good citizens with values based on traditional Christian ethics.
  • Promoting excellence in our schools by employing teaching professionals who are passionate, knowledgeable and highly skilled in their field.
  • Investing in our staff through effective professional development, training, career planning and talent management.
  • Ensuring effective governance and management of the Group and the schools.
  • Making the best use of resources and information to achieve and maintain an efficient, effective and sustainable business.
  • Supporting and actively contributing to our local and wider communities
  • Recognising and celebrating effort, achievement and excellence.

Values & beliefs

The Values and Beliefs of King’s Group underpin everything we do. They create an environment that helps our people, our pupils and their parents understand what King’s College stands for. How we treat one another at work, how we treat our customers.Our Values and Beliefs help us make sense of our working life and how we fit into the big picture. They are fixed and are unlikely ever to change.

Honesty, Faith and Courage

We promote outstanding teaching and learning

Technology should be used to improve the quality of teaching and learning

Innovation in teaching and learning should be informed by research and effective practice

We value dedication and commitment

We value the contributions of all our stakeholders to school life.

We recognise and celebrate academic excellence and achievement

Our educational principles are founded upon traditional Christian values, fostering self-confidence, tolerance and a sense of responsibility

We believe in professional leadership.

High quality education is based on a collaborative approach to teaching

We contribute to the lifelong education of individuals

All our pupils are entitled to a high-quality education, grounded in sensitivity to individual dignity, and a positive and nurturing environment

My King's story

“With the help of the Sixth Form advisory team, who made the process of applying to university far less daunting and helped me take part in many extra-curricular activities around Madrid, the school has enabled me to develop my passion for Politics and to approach this subject, usually studied outside of the school curriculum, from different angles. The opportunities that King’s has provided me with have been determining factors in achieving my dream to study at Cambridge.”

Miranda, King's College Alumna

Went on to study at Cambridge University

“In all honesty, I believe that if I hadn’t attended King’s College saint Michaels, I wouldn’t have gotten accepted into Harvard. Everyone here was very supportive throughout the application process. My teachers and tutors have spent many hours with me writing my recommendation letter, filling forms, sending my grades and even speaking to the Harvard admissions office on the phone.”

Abdel, King’s College Alumno

Went on to study Physics under a full scholarship at Harvard University

“I want to thank King’s for giving me tools that now I know are fundamental in life. School life at King’s always felt like home, and they gave me the possibility to be where I am now. The most remarkable values I was taught were ‘honesty, faith and courage’ and King’s made me understand why this was so important”

Nicole, King’s College Alumna

Went on to study at Hanze University (Groningen)

“King’s gave me unparalleled advice - not only when it came to writing my personal statement, but also when it came to practising for my interviews with the dream of studying Vetinary Medicine at the University of Bristol. I will miss the feeling of being part of such a supportive, close-knit community, and being surrounded by so many different cultures”

Rosanna, King’s College Alumna

Went on to study at the University of Bristol

“Studying at King’s gave me the opportunity to choose between subjects and realise Economics is what I really want to major in. Without the dedication of all the outstanding teachers at King’s who always encouraged us to express our thoughts and discuss in class, it would not have been possible for me to sail through the process of applying for university and do so well in my A Levels.”

Marie, King’s College alumna

Went on to study Economics at the University of London