Dedicated to Excellence. Worldwide.

Dedicated to Excellence. Worldwide.

Who we are

King’s Group is an international education organisation. We own and operate an international network of British schools and complement this with services providing children’s Academic Year Abroad programmes and Summer Courses, Adult Training and Catering Services.

Our school network is one of the most established in the world and currently covers the UK, Europe and Latin America. With 50 years’ experience, King’s Group has over 1,250 employees across the globe, educating nearly 8,000 students at any one time.

King’s Group is ambitious, not just for ourselves but for the children and individuals that we educate and the families and clients that depend on our expertise.

We have spent the last 50 years offering the very best British education to children at our schools, young people on our summer camps & academic year abroad programmes, as well as adults who work with our Training divisions. Similarly, the quality seal of “Excellence” is also extended to our services division (Nexalia) who ensure that our catering provision matches the quality embedded in all the other aforementioned areas of our organisation.

As a result, we are experts at the delivery of a quality British education in an international context and the provision of quality catering services.


50 Years of Academic Excellence


Founded in 1969 by Sir Roger Fry, the King's Group is recognised nationally and internationally by students, parents, alumni, educators and partners alike, as a supplier of high quality education.

Fifty years later and with a roll of almost 8,000 students, over 650 teaching and 600 support staff spread across five countries, two continents, ten British international schools and seven academy schools in the UK, with activities in summer programmes, logistical services and adult training, our Group has grown exponentially.

Members of the King’s College schools Alumni Association

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Employees spread across the globe in both teaching and non-academic roles

Decades delivering academic excellence on a global platform

Company principles and values

All members of the Company must understand and meet the expectations of this Code in terms of the manner in which they act within the workplace.

The basic principles guiding the Company’s activities are:

  • Strict compliance with both the Law and Company regulations.
  • Environmental commitment.
  • Commitment to health and safety.
  • Maximum respect, equity and dignity when dealing with all employees, collaborators, partners, suppliers, competitors and other third parties.
  • Appropriate selection, promotion and appraisal of employees.
  • Transparency, objectivity and professionalism in the performance of all activities and in relationships with all stakeholders.
  • Privacy, data protection and confidential information.

These principles must be known and observed by all employees and collaborators of the Company and must be assimilated and reflected in all their actions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a multinational organisation we seek to have a positive effect on every social environment with which we come in contact. Our greatest contribution is through engaging in activities such as School Fairs and Fundraisers, in which we raise funds that allow us to provide support to various charities and good causes. At King’s Group we go above and beyond our statutory responsibilities and are keen to engage in activities to further social good, beyond the interests of the company and our legal requirements.

As a Group we truly believe that we have a corporate social responsibility (CSR) towards the communities in which we operate. We fulfil this commitment through cooperation and collaboration in educational and social programmes. CSR also ties in with the King’s Group vision, mission and values that underpin our role in society. We support the local and wider communities as well as focusing on learning and development, not just of our pupils but also our staff.

Charities we work with

As a Group, we are involved in many annual events which present our commitment to contributing to CSR. We work closely with many charities across the world.

Fundación Juegaterapia, provides resources to hospitalised children with long-term illnesses.

APAMA, a Parents’ association for disabled children in Alcobendas, Madrid.

Fundación Hispano Británica, a cultural foundation, with non-profit making status, registered at the Ministry of Culture of Spain. The aim of the British Hispanic Foundation is to promote relations between the Spanish and British peoples leading to closer ties between the two countries.

Divino Niño Orphanage, a charity created in 1993 to provide home protection for children 0-5 years old who were in situations of abuse or neglect in Panama.

Amigos de Nyumbani, an orphanage in Kenya for children suffering from HIV.

Bomberos Ayudan, giving help to support families in some of the poorest areas of Madrid, working in conjunction with an investigational research project at Ramon y Cajal hospital into HIV / Aids in children.

The Madrid Rastrillo, held every November in Madrid at the Recinto Ferial de la Casa de Campo. Supported by King’s Group, this charity was established 42 years ago in Madrid as a means to obtain funds to purchase homes for deprived children. The Rastrillo started as a flea market and later added bars, restaurants and flamenco taverns, the proceeds of which, during a week in November, go to Nuevo Futuro. King’s Group have been heavily involved in supporting the Rastrillo initiative.

News & Events from our Community actions

Charity Road Race 2019

Charity Road Race 2019

Mr Rumistrzewicz, Mr Ryland, our Head of PE, Emily M. and Junior M., two of our road race participants, handed the funds raised (1575€) at the AFACMUR premises in Murcia. AFACMR is a local charity which supports children with cancer and their families through parental...

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My King's story

“With the help of the Sixth Form advisory team, who made the process of applying to university far less daunting and helped me take part in many extra-curricular activities around Madrid, the school has enabled me to develop my passion for Politics and to approach this subject, usually studied outside of the school curriculum, from different angles. The opportunities that King’s has provided me with have been determining factors in achieving my dream to study at Cambridge.”

Miranda, King's College Alumna

Went on to study at Cambridge University

“In all honesty, I believe that if I hadn’t attended King’s College saint Michaels, I wouldn’t have gotten accepted into Harvard. Everyone here was very supportive throughout the application process. My teachers and tutors have spent many hours with me writing my recommendation letter, filling forms, sending my grades and even speaking to the Harvard admissions office on the phone.”

Abdel, King’s College Alumno

Went on to study Physics under a full scholarship at Harvard University

“I want to thank King’s for giving me tools that now I know are fundamental in life. School life at King’s always felt like home, and they gave me the possibility to be where I am now. The most remarkable values I was taught were ‘honesty, faith and courage’ and King’s made me understand why this was so important”

Nicole, King’s College Alumna

Went on to study at Hanze University (Groningen)

“King’s gave me unparalleled advice - not only when it came to writing my personal statement, but also when it came to practising for my interviews with the dream of studying Vetinary Medicine at the University of Bristol. I will miss the feeling of being part of such a supportive, close-knit community, and being surrounded by so many different cultures”

Rosanna, King’s College Alumna

Went on to study at the University of Bristol

“Studying at King’s gave me the opportunity to choose between subjects and realise Economics is what I really want to major in. Without the dedication of all the outstanding teachers at King’s who always encouraged us to express our thoughts and discuss in class, it would not have been possible for me to sail through the process of applying for university and do so well in my A Levels.”

Marie, King’s College alumna

Went on to study Economics at the University of London