Anniversary timeline

The sixties


Roger Fry opens the first King's College school in Chamartín, Madrid, offering the English National Curriculum to Spanish students in 1969.

70 students enrol for the inaugural year of King's College, Madrid.

Tony Saéz joins King’s College Madrid. One of the first students to attend the College, he went to on to work extensively in the Government of Canada.

Beatlemania sweeps the globe after the release of the group’s record 'Please Please Me'.

England win the 1966 FIFA World Cup, beating Germany 4-2.

The seventies


A record-breaking 500 students enrol at King’s College Madrid for the 1978 school year.

King’s College moves from Chamartín to Soto de Viñuelas (where it remains today) to accommodate more students.

Sidney Sitters enrols at King’s College Madrid. After graduating he majored in piano and went on to give concerts across the world.

On the 25th July 1978, the world's first test-tube baby was born in Oldham in the UK.

Louise Brown, the first 'test-tube baby', was a success for 'in vitro' fertilisation (IVF), a method by which egg and sperm are mixed in a glass dish, and the embryos inserted into the womb. By the end of the 20th century, about 1,400 IVF babies were being born each year.

Stephen Spielberg's 'Jaws' is released, 1975.

The eighties


1981 saw the first “Summer Camp” activity initiated in King’s College Madrid. The success of which went on to found “King’s College International” who today offer summer camps across Spain, as well as academic study abroad programmes to students from around the world.

1982 saw King's Infant School, the second school in the King's Group, open for students aged 2 to 7 years old. The location is back in Chamartín, the original suburb of King’s College.

In 1982, King's Group launches King's Training, providing courses for adult learners, both professionally and personally.

Nexalia Services (originally “Servicios Lassalle”) is opened in 1987 to accommodate the growing catering needs of the King's College schools.

Billy Pérez joins King’s College Madrid. Following graduation he went on to study Economics at Bath University (UK) and work in countries all over the world including Japan, Brazil, Italy and Germany.

Pac-Man hits arcades in the USA, 1980

The nineties


The first UK King's Group school “King’s College Saint Michaels” is founded in 1992 in Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire.

Alumnus Gloria Donate Ribagorda joins King's College Madrid. Since graduating in 2001 she now works for an international NGO supporting children's rights across the world.

Carmen Gijón Moreno joins King's College Madrid, where she explores her love for the Sciences. She now works as an Intensive Care Doctor in hospitals in Madrid and Barcelona.

Dolly, the world's first cloned sheep, is born in 1996.

NASA's Pathfinder mission delivers a robotic probe to the surface of Mars for the first time, 1997.

The noughties


With the turn of the new millennium, the first King’s College school opened in the south of Spain on the famous Costa Blanca, King’s College Alicante.

2007 saw the launch of two new King’s College’s one in Murcia and the other in La Moraleja, a leafy residential suburb in the north of Madrid.

Alumnus Ignacio Oropesa graduates from King's College Madrid, going on to complete a PhD and become an assistant professor and researcher of Biomedical Engineering.

Apple releases the first iPod, 2001

Mark Zuckerburg launches Facebook from his Harvard University dormitory, 2004.

The teens


2011 welcomes a brand new boarding residence to the existing King’s College in Soto de Viñuelas catering to pupils from all over the globe who wish to study in Spain.

King's Group's first school outside of Europe opens in Panama City, September 2012.

2012 also sees the inauguration of King’s Training Panama, offering adult training to serve the needs of the international business community in Central America.

In 2012, founder Roger Fry is awarded the title of Knight of the Realm by Queen Elizabeth II and becomes Sir Roger Fry.

In 2014, King's Group works with the Department for Education in London to sponsor Academies and Free Schools in England, forming King's Group Academies.

March 2016 saw Lyndhurst Junior School the first King’s Group Academy to join the Trust, located in Portsmouth, home of Sir Roger Fry King’s Group Chairman and Founder.

December 2016 welcomed the second UK Academy, based in Ringmer East Sussex.

2017 sees two further schools welcomed to the King’s College network; a dedicated Infant school in Elche, close to Alicante and also King’s College, Latvia – the first British school in the Baltic States.

February 2018 welcomed two new King’s Group Academies to the KGA network: College Park Infants School and Northern Parade Federation of Schools, both located in Portsmouth close to the first King’s Group Academy.

2018 welcomed the Group’s first school in Germany, King’s College The British School of Frankfurt opened that August.

September 2018 saw the opening of a brand new school campus in the UK; King’s Academy Binfield was welcomed into the KGA fold having been recently constructed on a purpose-built campus located to the west of London in Bracknell Forest

Alba Espinosa Rastoll graduates from the King's College Alicante in 2014, going on to study Aerospace Engineering at Queen Mary's University in London.

Tim Peake spends 7 months aboard the International Space Station, 2015-2016.

Here’s to our next 50 Years.

We have many exciting new projects on the horizon, so keep in touch with King’s Group and be part of our next 50 years.