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British International Schools

At King’s Group we are proud that our schools offer a quality British education to our pupils across the globe. We educate young learners right through from 18 months to the point where they leave for university education at 18 years old. All classes are taught by native British & British trained teachers, except of course for those lessons in foreign languages, which are taught by native speakers of those languages.

Our experience guarantees solid principles and academic values and a true British education which extends past the classroom. The 50 years we have spent delivering a quality British education to children, many of whom do not speak English as their first language, means that we are now recognised as educational experts internationally. This was affirmed in 2018, when King’s Group received the award for “Private Education Group of the Year” at the Education Investor Awards, one of the most prestigious ceremonies in the education sector.

At King’s College, our students go on to win places at some of the most select universities in the United Kingdom, Europe, North America and the rest of the world.

King’s College schools are currently located in the United Kingdom, Spain (Madrid, Alicante, Murcia) as well as Panama and Latvia. With such a diverse portfolio of schools, one which is also continually evolving, King’s utilises our international spread, combined with our extensive educational expertise in order to ensure and share best practice across our entire network.

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British International Schools

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"King’s Group has a long and distinguished history of educational leadership. British schools from as far away as Asia and Latin America look to King’s for inspiration and admire our expertise in all areas of education. Leadership is one of our real strengths. Our company vision and mission are not “beautiful dreams” but a very significant and positive reality that we can all build upon."

Sir Roger Fry CBE DLitt
Founder of King's Group and Inspired Education Advisor

“We really pride ourselves on our business practices, which focus on the core values of a traditional British education: honesty, reliability, teamwork, integrity, excellence and a constant desire for self-improvement.”

Elena Benito
Chief Executive Officer, King’s Group 

“I joined King’s in 2012 in the position of Manager. The Group has enabled me to grow my professional career and develop a multitude of skills since joining, The Group supported me to grow the department substantially and now I lead a team of Marketing professionals with whom it’s a pleasure to work with every day. King’s is about people and I truly believe that it’s our people that make our Group so special.”

Lauren Taylor
Marketing Director, King’s Group

My King's story

“With the help of the Sixth Form advisory team, who made the process of applying to university far less daunting and helped me take part in many extra-curricular activities around Madrid, the school has enabled me to develop my passion for Politics and to approach this subject, usually studied outside of the school curriculum, from different angles. The opportunities that King’s has provided me with have been determining factors in achieving my dream to study at Cambridge.”

Miranda, King's College Alumna

Went on to study at Cambridge University

“In all honesty, I believe that if I hadn’t attended King’s College saint Michaels, I wouldn’t have gotten accepted into Harvard. Everyone here was very supportive throughout the application process. My teachers and tutors have spent many hours with me writing my recommendation letter, filling forms, sending my grades and even speaking to the Harvard admissions office on the phone.”

Abdel, King’s College Alumno

Went on to study Physics under a full scholarship at Harvard University

“I want to thank King’s for giving me tools that now I know are fundamental in life. School life at King’s always felt like home, and they gave me the possibility to be where I am now. The most remarkable values I was taught were ‘honesty, faith and courage’ and King’s made me understand why this was so important”

Nicole, King’s College Alumna

Went on to study at Hanze University (Groningen)

“King’s gave me unparalleled advice - not only when it came to writing my personal statement, but also when it came to practising for my interviews with the dream of studying Vetinary Medicine at the University of Bristol. I will miss the feeling of being part of such a supportive, close-knit community, and being surrounded by so many different cultures”

Rosanna, King’s College Alumna

Went on to study at the University of Bristol

“Studying at King’s gave me the opportunity to choose between subjects and realise Economics is what I really want to major in. Without the dedication of all the outstanding teachers at King’s who always encouraged us to express our thoughts and discuss in class, it would not have been possible for me to sail through the process of applying for university and do so well in my A Levels.”

Marie, King’s College alumna

Went on to study Economics at the University of London